‘DEAD AT 20’ was a compilation EP released by SCRATCH ROCK RECORDS as their first physical pressing.

The release contained two BRAIN APE tracks - featuring The SIBERIAN ALIEN’s debut performances as the band’s drummer - that were initially intended to be a part of BRAIN APE’s first studio album: a project that was pushed back by a year after the recording of these two songs, as the band did not yet feel ready to record their first LP.

The EP also contained two tracks by the band ANAL DRAINAGE, two recordings by VERBAL DIARRHEA as a follow-up to their split EP released the previous year with the band KR(E)AP, and RAT BISCUIT’s only recording to date.

The compilation’s original physical run contained a secret track by DÅRON THE WHITE simply titled ‘THE EARL OF SOUTHWARK’ as the eighth song to the EP, however the track was never made available online.